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    Type PCS Price Unit Price Quantity Total Price    
RS232 Optical Probe
1-4 pcs69.00 EUR
5-19 pcs65.55 EUR
69.00 EUR      0.00 EUR
USB Optical Probe
1-4 pcs79.00 EUR
5-19 pcs75.05 EUR
79.00 EUR      0.00 EUR
Mini USB Optical Probe
1-4 pcs84.00 EUR
5-19 pcs79.80 EUR
84.00 EUR      0.00 EUR
RS232 Optical Probe
1-4 pcs73.00 EUR
5-19 pcs69.55 EUR
73.00 EUR      0.00 EUR
USB Optical Probe
1-4 pcs83.00 EUR
5-19 pcs79.05 EUR
83.00 EUR      0.00 EUR
READY Software
98.00 EUR
>4 Port free
98.00 EUR      0.00 EUR

All prices are for 3m long optical probe cable. Please contact us for your special length cable needs.
READY Software comes free for customers who purchase more than and including 5 optical probes. Please see Software page for details.

WARRANTY : Warrantied for 'replacement only' for a period of two (2) years from the date of the purchase. Warranty does not cover breakage, misuse, abuse, modification or any type of impact. The prices are EXWORKS prices and donot include shipment costs. All orders that have bigger than or equal to 20 optical probes are shipped through customs procedures. We ship to worldwide, please contac us for shipment costs.

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